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Gesture Platform

Gesture Enabled IoT Platform

HUG Innovations’ Gesture-recognition technology is a system that performs various geo spatial movements of the hand with the help of an IMU sensor. Hug Innovations built a patented technology that can recognize hand motion without a camera or line of sight. This technology is portable into any wearable that uses a 6 axis or 9 axis sensor. The core technology revolves around understanding hand motion, capturing raw data from sensors, applying filters, generating events and creating patterns.

Perform various geo spatial movements of
the hand with IMU sensor

Capture raw Accelerometer, Gyroscope and Magnetometer readings and apply filters to avoid drift/noise

Filtered sensor data will further be send to hug gesture algorithm to identify the pattern and upon identification, system generates different events

These gestures are built with Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science and Contextual Intelligence. However from an end-user perspective, the technology is translated into user experience with ability to control smart devices with less than 30 seconds of training and orientation. The filtered sensor data, after being collected, will further be sent to the HUG Gesture Algorithm to identify the pattern and upon identification, the system generates different events.

Hug will host Gesture Platform for third-party developers to join the community and build interactive applications for Smart Devices. The Gesture platform will expose Gesture SDK to developer languages like Java, .NET, iOS and Android, thereby enabling developers to build applications on this platform without learning a new language. This will make adoption easy and development faster. Hug will also provide a publishing space for apps that are created using these gestures. Apps can be sold to end-consumers using Hug Tokens or offered for free, based on the developer’s choice. This ecosystem is first-of-its-kind in the IoT industry space and has the potential to grow as big as the Android or iOS community.