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India Leadership Conclave

Cyclops MedTech, Hug Innovations Corp, Snackishq, No. 3 Clive Road, Mad Street Den & Red Polka are final six nominees for the coveted category of “India’s Emerging Innovative Startup Company 2018”at ILC Power Brand Awards 2018.

Despite having tough conditions & challenges, Indian startups have defied all odds & continue to perform better & better. The story of Indian startups have been the story of great success & more & more innovations & creativity continue to come to the market with great features to cater to the growing demands of the masses. Tough there are many companies who have done exceedingly well, India Leadership Conclave 2018 has shortlisted top six names for the coveted “India’s Emerging Innovative Startup Company 2018” at the ILC Power Brand Awards 2018. The final winner will be announced at the glittering award night on 6th July 2018 at Hotel Sahara Star in Mumbai.

India’s Emerging Innovative Startup Company 2018
1.Cyclops MedTech Pvt. Ltd
2.Hug Innovations Corp
4.No. 3 Clive Road 
5.Mad Street Den 
6.Red Polka



After an initial burst of exuberance in startups, the industry is beginning to moult. Risks are better understood, founders focus on unit economics instead of vanity metrics or gross merchandise value (GMV). Entrepreneurs getting funding these days are older people with experience, mapping a clear path to profits and who rely more on niche, B2B models than risking capital in internet consumerism. The number of funded ventures has fallen dramatically. There’s no capital squeeze, but angels aren’t opening purse strings right after a squeaky clean presentation. They insist on verifying if the idea has sufficient long term planning. While risk appetite has come down a few notches, angels try hard to ensure their money is not funding high cash burn path to growth that might kill the golden goose before it gets to the market. Entrepreneurship remains a trendy career choice despite tighter conditions. The number of ideas seeking angel attention and funding continue to be high, 7,200 this year, according to Bengaluru based LetsVenture, an early stage funding platform. However, those getting funded have declined steadily from 949 in 2015 to 866 in 2016 and a mere 387 till November 20 this year. The number of ideas getting funded was almost doubling every year between 2013 to 2015. Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad’s (IIMA’s) centre for innovation, incubation, and entrepreneurship (CIIE) on Monday launched a $25 million ‘Bharat Inclusion Initiative’ that will look to mentor and invest in start-ups in the early stage and seed segment over the next three-four years. The initiative received an initial pledge of $12.5 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation, and Omidyar Network