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The craze for Themed Parks has increased not just world over, but has also seen tremendous growth in India. The idea of a theme park is exciting, however, the long lines, ticketing hassles and usual mismanagement often leads to a bad experience. For increasing customer satisfaction, IoT enabled Theme Parks offer:

  • Building a perfect solution for creating a frictionless experience, by providing your guests with smart bands that will allow them to take any action simply by tapping their wristband on NFC enabled kiosks
  • From the moment guests enter the park the wristband is all they need, it will serve as the entry ticket, access and fast queue pass, and payment device that will shorten lines and increase guest spending
  • Industry reports suggest that the spend-per-head can increase by 30% due to the convenience and ease of cashless payment
  • Reducing waiting duration and increasing the scale of queue management for the rides will substantially increase the customer’s overall satisfaction. And this could easily be possible by:
    1. Determining traffic patterns or gather wait times on rides by passively tracking a user’s wrist band
    2. Real-time queue management with Ultra High Frequency module (UHF), where the sensor will be continuously tracking the density in a queue. This Module will be sending a pop-up notification to the mobile application detailing the status of the queues on Rides, Food Courts, Merchandise Stalls, Experience Zones, and many more.
    3. Real time data gathering and analysis under a single umbrella of Cloud architecture with dynamic ML & AI algorithm plug-ins, which provide:
      • Consumer behavior and future trends
      • Purchasing pattern
      • Park exploration pattern, where the guests are spending more time
      • Park Security
      • Merchandise sales pattern
      • Food court/restaurant footfall real time analysis

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