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Transport & Logistics

Being an integral part of most businesses, and an essential flavour to company success and customer satisfaction, Transport and Logistics plays a vital role in Supply Chain Management. This division is so vital that it needs to be strategically aligned with other business divisions. Now, because of no real-time tracking of your fleet or carrier, the productivity uses to go down by 25-30% which indirectly raises the cost and decreases the profit margin and customer experience.

What if you’ll get to know that a company has developed a unique solution by leveraging IIoT and Dynamic cloud? ‘Hug Innovations’ proposing you an intelligent solution which acknowledges to increase your productivity by 12-15%.

With this robust and smart solution, we at ‘Hug Innovations’ giving power to the user’s hand for:

  • Remote asset tracking
  • Driving behaviour analysis
  • Predictive maintenance of assets
  • Real-time fleet management
    • Fleet tracking system
    • Overcoming maintenance issues
    • Reducing downtime
    • Getting information on fuel usage, speed, or mileage
    • Compromised fleet safety
    • Getting updates regarding shipment or delivery
  • Route optimization
  • Monitor transport conditions throughout the entire supply chain
  • Temperature and condition based perishable goods management.

To know more or clear your inquisitive queries, please contact us. We surely will give you a newer perspective of possibilities.