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Smart Utilities

The rapid change in technology is bringing a lot of disruptions in the conventional way of doing things. The devices are becoming smart and more connected to give optimal comfort to a user.

‘Hug innovations’ delivers an integrated solution platform to manage, operate and maintain community infrastructure to deliver safe, reliable services and a personal customer experience. Hug proposes to implement its core technology stack into multiple use-cases for connecting more people with technology, which are as follow:

  • Smart Energy management: Predictive maintenance, Load balancing, Risk exposure analytics, Proactive evaluation of energy usage around the city, Dashboard to monitor energy consumption
  • Smart Meter: Improving customer satisfaction while giving more control to consumers for their energy usage, helps in Reducing Operating expenses, and Improving forecast & streamline power-consumption
  • Smart Water management: Water Quality meter, Real-time data analytics on water consumption, smart supply planning, Predictive maintenance by proactively locating the faults, and Sensors in sewer line infrastructure for wastewater management
  • Smart Gas Management: Predictive supply management, Consumer behavior analysis consumption pattern, and Proactive analysis of gas pipelines for leakages

…and other facilities like Electricity pole surveillance, Maintain stocks at optimum levels, Smart metering, Smart grid communication, Smart home, Predictive Maintenance of power grid, Smart lighting.

To know more or clear your inquisitive queries, please contact us. We surely will give you a newer perspective of possibilities.