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The Hug Smartwatch is a modern wearable with a classic twist. The rectangular design, inspired by the classic wristwatch, utilizes every inch of the crisp LCD screen, maximizing the content for your convenience. In fact, every element of design – from color to contour – is geared for a more personal wearable experience.

The Hug Smartwatch is designed for easy everyday use. Weighing in at 46 grams, you barely feel it on your hands. Yet, it gives the power to your hands to express, interact, control and play without ever feeling weighed down. A Smartwatch is only as clever as what it can do for you.

The Hug Smartwatch comes with its own sleek, fun and intuitive interface that is designed to fit your lifestyle like a glove. Track your fitness, health, safety, weather and a lot more with a Hug Smartwatch.


Hug Smartwatch was born from an emotion that left the world shaken, with an aim to address women’s safety in an effective manner. Following the gruesome Nirbhaya Incident in 2012, Hug decided to make safety one of the most critical features of this smartwatch. When in distress, the user can activate the safety feature by pressing the SOS button on the watch or by using gestures.
A simple hand gesture of twisting the hand back & forth 6 to 8 times can activate this safety feature.

  • The victim activates the safety feature either by pressing the SOS button or using the hand gesture feature.

  • The watch vibrates, indicating to the victim in a discrete manner that the safety mode has been activated.

  • A provision for False Alarm Detection is also made, where the victim gets an opportunity to dismiss the safety alarm using an IVR secure passcode.

  • Well-wishers (friends & family) will receive an SMS with a live tracking URL of the victim’s whereabouts with a customized map highlighting nearest hospitals and police stations.

  • Hug well-wishers can download the Hug Smartwatch App and register themselves. In times of distress, the app raises amber alerts on smartphones capturing the attention of well-wishers.

  • In addition to well-wishers, Hug will also notify other Hug Smartwatch users in the vicinity. The idea of Hug is to create a human blockchain for a good cause.

  • The SOS can be dismissed by the victim using a passcode once they are safe. Well-wishers will be notified about the same disabling real time tracking.

  • This entire workflow takes place in less than 10 seconds.

  • Hug Platform is provided free of cost to the user as a corporate commitment from Hug to make a difference in someone’s life.


One step at a time… Stay on top of your fitness regimen with HUG’s advanced sensors and algorithms. Whether you want to up the ante in training with activity goal setting, or keep track of your water consumption, HUG helps you stay healthy and active.

  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Indoor, outdoor activity tracking with ability to set targets
  • Steps, calories burnt, distance covered, inactivity reminders

The power to control your digital world is now on your wrist. Built with contextual intelligence, HUG lets you control action cameras, drones, smart bulbs, music, movies, games, office presentations, VR, and more with a flick of a wrist. HUG developers are building the future. The HUG Gestures SDK helps developers add more amazing use cases with gesture control.

Gestures on HUG Smartwatch

Wait on Haptic and perform gesture

Up Gesture

Down Gesture

Next Gesture

Previous Gesture

Push Gesture

Pull Gesture

Tech Specs

  • Brand – HUG

  • Model Name – HG01

  • Operating System – MediaTek Nucleus RTOS

  • Processor – MTK 2502C

  • Memory – 8 MB RAM, 8 MB ROM

  • Sensors – Pixart Optical Heart Rate Sensor, High resolution 9 Axis IMU (3-Axis Accelerometer, 3-Axis Gyroscope, 3-Axis Magnetometer)

  • Material – PC + ABS resin, Silicone Strap

  • Dust & Water proof levels – IP55

  • Item weight – 45.4 g

  • Dimensions- 43.7 mm x 38.8 mm x 11.2 mm

  • Battery- 360mAh Lithium ion battery

  • Battery life – 1.5-2 days on use and 5 days standby

  • Charging System – POGO pin + charging cradle (with USB)

  • Compatibility – Android (4.3 or higher)

  • Colors available – Midnight black, Classic white

  • Others – 2 Buttons (SOS Button and Power Button), Speaker, Microphone, Vibration

HUG Smartwatch Screens